Our Services

At Schafer & Brown Electronics, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all your marine needs. Our dedicated team will ensure that you have the right equipment to ensure safety, efficiency, and enjoyment during your voyages.

  1. Electronic Equipment and GPS
    • We offer a full range of marine electronic equipment, including multifunctional GPS, radars, autopilots, high-power sonar modules, VHF radios, satellite communications, and television. We specialize in designing and installing audio and video systems, as well as solving electrical problems. We only sell products from brands we represent and guarantee directly from the factory.
  2. Internet and Communication
    • We provide various internet and communication options, including cellular data, cellular voice, VHF radio communications, as well as INMARSAT and IRIDIUM data and voice. We also offer AIS Class A & B.
  3. Navigation and Sailing Equipment
    • We have a wide range of navigation equipment, including GPS, RADAR, autopilots, and instruments for measuring wind, speed, and depth. In addition, we offer sonars and transducers.
  4. Electrical Systems
    • We provide solutions for your marine electrical needs, including battery banks, marine chargers, inverters, and ground connections.
  5. Lighting
    • We offer a variety of marine lighting options, including navigation lights, mast lights, underwater lights, engine room lights, rope lights, and courtesy lights.
  6. Music and Entertainment
    • Our range of audio and entertainment systems includes audio receivers, speakers, and amplified surround sound systems. We also install television systems to complete your marine entertainment experience.
  7. Security Cameras
    • At S&B, we will help you choose the best security camera system for your vessel, providing you with peace of mind both on the water and on land.
  8. Acrylic Design
    • We offer custom acrylic designs for your console, using practical and cost-effective material to create windshields, windows, trim plates, nursery tops, console doors, or dashboard panels.

Schafer & Brown Electronics has decades of experience in the marine industry and is proud to be a certified distributor of leading brands such as Garmin, Simrad, Raymarine, and Furuno. If your boat needs an upgrade in navigation equipment, don’t hesitate to call us.